Fiera san giuseppe cosenza 2017

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fiera san giuseppe cosenza 2017

A Cosenza la Fiera di San Giuseppe

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Cosenza extends over seven hills, at the confluence of the Crati and Busento rivers. The ancient town, that was once the center of political and economic life, has gained a central position again thanks to in-progress renovation measures. Walking from the Church of San Domenico and crossing the Mario Martire bridge, visitors plunge into history. The refurbished small shops open on Corso Telesio, the street that has on both sides picturesque narrow paths and stairways, climbing up to the ancient town. The main street leads to Piazza Duomo, the square that was also called Piazza degli Speziali or degli Aromatari Apothecary Square because a guild of pharmacists, apothecaries and grocers was active in the area.

This outdoor market is one of the oldest and most important traditions in Cosenza and goes way back to when it was first established by Frederick II of Swabia.
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Among the largest Calabria cities, Cosenza is a leading center of thriving economic activities, artistic and cultural promotion, often in collaboration with the University of Calabria. The origins of Cosenza date back to the 4th century B. The city was first ruled by the Lombards, then, under the name of Constantia, the Byzantines, and later the Normans. Henry was the son of Frederick and Constance of Aragon. He rebelled against his father, was first sentenced to death, then to life imprisonment, and probably committed suicide.

The city centre has a population of 70,, while around , [3] people live in the metropolitan area. It is the capital of the Province of Cosenza , which has a population of around , The demonym of Cosenza is Cosentian in English and cosentino in Italian. The ancient town is the seat of the Cosentian Academy , the second academy of philosophical and literary studies to be founded in the Kingdom of Naples and one of the oldest in Europe. To this day, the city remains a cultural hub, with museums, theatres, libraries, and the University of Calabria. The old town, overshadowed by its Swabian castle, descends to the river Crati. The modern city lies to the north, beyond the Busento, on level ground.

And who better to indulge than me? My ever-expanding waistline is a testament to the amazing food in this region, so if you visit, beware.,





The Fiera di San Giuseppe in #Cosenza kicks off tomorrow and will be running until the Festa di San Giuseppe aka Genoveffa @eSseTiGiA 18 Mar
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  1. Cosenza welcomes Spring with a centuries old tradition, La Fiera di San Giuseppe or the Saint Joseph's La Fiera di San Giuseppe isn't like other weekly markets, it's huge. The Invaders are back: Invasioni Digitali

  2. The Fiera di San Giuseppe is one of the oldest and most important traditions, not just for the city of Cosenza, but for the many neighbouring.

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