G eazy made in california

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G-Eazy and Blueface Link With YG and ALLBLACK for "West Coast" Video

g eazy made in california

California Culture

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Proud home of the Bakersfield Londors. Dressed in black with his hair slicked back, G-Eazy adds a touch of class to hip-hop. For as traditionally dapper as he may be, he's got both feet firmly planted in the future. So what does the future look like for the producer, songwriter, and rapper? Well, it's just as bright as he is…. Raised in Oakland, CA, G-Eazy made the decision to enroll at Loyola University New Orleans because of their strong music industry program where he started to cultivate and craft his own inimitable style while still in college. For the budding artist, the partying wasn't nearly as important as creating.

G-Eazy is living proof that appearances can be deceiving. A six-foot-four Caucasian male clad all in black like a Johnny Cash throwback, he has also been likened to a "young Elvis" Billboard , with slicked-back James Dean hair Rolling Stone. He looks more like a greaser from The Outsiders or American Graffiti than anything resembling a contemporary rap star. But when he picks up a mic, he is unmistakably hip hop. His rhymes are underpinned by slow southern, trap rhythms and minimal synths, though sung choruses boost his crossover appeal — he makes no apologies for his pursuit of fame.

Everything you need to know about G-Eazy from his unique dress sense to his musical influences. G-Eazy was actually born and raised in Oakland California, before moving to New Orleans to go to college and pursue his dreams of being a rapper. He told Respect Mag: "I had to negotiate with my teachers on how to miss about two weeks of classes and to be able to just send in my homework and try to stay on top of everything while I was on the road So, we had to play the show then drive straight back to New Orleans to get back to that stupid class. He told Rolling Stone: "What costs the world to you as a working kid fresh out of college, costs nothing to you as a successful musician… I felt like the idea, the creative content, was so much more valuable than any physical content. Like if this works, I could buy couches. Speaking to Hip Hop DX about his unique look, he said: "My mom would play all these old Johnny Cash records and stuff, and my grandpa was real big on it.

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