Francesco gabbani sanremo 2017

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Italy sends rising star Francesco Gabbani and an ape to win Eurovision 2017

francesco gabbani sanremo 2017

Sanremo 2017 Francesco Gabbani Occidentalis Karma

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In fact, events of the last week have created a snowballing momentum that could well see Italy go on to win Eurovision in May. The entry has set Twitter alight, with videos of people performing the routine popping up everywhere. In his second performance of the song, they flipped costumes. He performed in a gorilla outfit, whilst the gorilla performed in his orange sweater, jeans and trainers. For the final, Francesco switched to a star-covered suit whilst the ape donned a red bow-tie. Another staging masterstroke. He won the best newcomer award at Sanremo with his platinum awarded song Amen.

Francesco Gabbani is the winner of the historical music festival and, as RAI has confirmed, the Italian representative in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. This being Sanremo, the fun song is sung in Italian but contains a few lines in English as well as the occasional phrase in Latin, Hindi and, it would seem, even ancient Greek. Let's go and rock Kiev! You can watch all the live performances of the final of Sanremo, in the official page of the festival. After the first round the top-3 performed again. The winner of Sanremo was:. Winning the Sanremo Festival gives the winning artist the opportunity to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Campione dei Campioni. Sanremo has finished after five nights of music and entertainment. He has the right to represent Italy at Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, and shortly after his victory he announced, that he wants to go to Kyiv in May The final had 16 contestants qualified from the earlier nights' competitions in Italy. The 22 Big Artists were split into two parts.

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Francesco Gabbani - Susanna @Sanremo 2017 [subtitled ENG]

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  1. Feb 12, Francesco Gabbani wins the Italian competition Sanremo with the song " Occidentali's Karma". The winner of Sanremo has the right to.

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