Rezultati i zgjedhjeve 2017

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rezultati i zgjedhjeve 2017 ZGJEDHJET PARLAMENTARE Rezultatet, Pjesemarrja Te dhenat e fundit te ardhura: , Qendra votimi te REZULTATI.


If consensus cannot be reached, Freedom House is responsible for the final ratings. The ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 representing the highest level of democratic progress and 7 the lowest. The Democracy Score is an average of ratings for the categories tracked in a given year. The opinions expressed in this report are those of the author s. Albania was at a crossroads in , forced to choose whether to continue its historical legacy of corruption and organized crime or to make a radical break and live up to the aspirations of its people for a state that will meet European Union EU standards.

A Belgrade court on Saturday overturned the verdict declaring former Central Prison warden Dragisa Blanusa not guilty of kidnapping Milosevic by allowing him to be sent to the Hague Tribunal in , and ordered a retrial. The charges against Blanusa, filed by Milosevic and his wife Mirjana Markovic, allege that on June 28, , he allowed unknown persons to take Milosevic from prison and transfer him to The Hague via Bosnia and Herzegovina. Milosevic was standing trial for war crimes in former Yugoslavia when he died in The Hague, on March 11, , but his wife continued the process against Blanusa. Blanusa was found not guilty by the first instance court in March this year. Mirjana Markovic has been living in exile in Russia for the past 14 years.

Political tensions in north Kosovo have helped to delay until May the reopening of the renovated bridge that links the Albanian and Serb sides of the divided town of Mitrovica. The reopening of the renovated bridge across the Ibar river has been postponed until May, partly because of the recent upsurge of tensions in the town, Mitrovica South municipality mayor Agim Bahtiri told BIRN. A row erupted between Kosovo Albanians and Serbs after the local Serb authorities started building a two-metre-high concrete wall near the bridge at the end of last year. Although the Serb authorities said it was a supporting wall for a riverside promenade, Pristina officials saw it as an attempt to prevent free movement and ordered building work to stop. After a lengthy meeting between Kosovo Serb leaders and Pristina officials to defuse the tensions, the Serbs demolished the wall last month. The renovation, agreed between Kosovo Albanians and Serbs at talks in Brussels, is being funded by the EU at a cost of more than 1. The bridge has been at the centre of several inter-ethnic clashes since , when Kosovo was put under UN administration after the war.

NJOFTIMI I MBLEDHJES. Jul 27, | Njoftime per shtyp | 0. Komisioni Qendror i Zgjedhjeve shqyrtoi projektvendimet: “Per shpalljen e rezultatit perfundimtar.
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Europe was there long before the EU came along and it will remain there after the EU is gone. Russia is our strategic partner in the fight against our common enemy — Islamic fundamentalism. I believe that the decision to impose sanctions against Russia was a fatal mistake. Our party was the first to demand that they be lifted, but with [Federica] Mogherini taking over, the sanctions remained in place. Russia is helping us fight terrorism, it plays an important role in the world and I believe that changing our foreign policy would be the right thing to do for Europe.

Edi Rama Socialist. Parliamentary elections were held in Albania on 25 June. The previous parliamentary elections were held on 23 June and resulted in a victory for the Socialist Party of Albania -led Alliance for a European Albania, which received From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: List of political parties in Albania.

Zgjedhjet presidenciale ne Slloveni, Pahor dhe Sharec shkojne ne raundin e dyte

Del rezultati zyrtar i zgjedhjeve ne Kosove

Kosovo’s Symbolic Mitrovica Bridge Opening Delayed

It was the festivals opening - night film. Hunting flies is a warm drama about the rise and fall of dictatorship, is a film about childhood, but it is also deeply political. This project is the first feature film, the debut of Norwegian director Izer Aliu. The film had its world premiere in the Discovery-sec- tion of the Toronto International Film Festival in , where the debut films of particularly talented up and coming directors are shown. In the framework of this festival was also a round table discussion that included meeting and conversation with the filmmakers.

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest — June 02, Large adverts have been placed in national newspapers across the world, London, Paris and New York. -



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  1. Zgjedhjet e pergjithshme (harta qarqeve).svg. Prime Minister before election. Edi Rama · Socialist. Elected Prime Minister · Edi Rama · Socialist. Parliamentary elections were held in Albania on 25 June. They were first scheduled for 18 June.

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