Osho miasto programma 2017

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osho miasto programma 2017

Just before leaving the body, Osho created the three Meditative Therapies: Mystic Rose, No-Mind and Born Again. We can say that these Meditative Therapies.

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This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Miasto, the much loved Osho commune and holistic venue in Tuscany, Italy. Article by Punya. Shastro shares two tracks played live together with Purana at Osho Miasto in Tuscany, on 21st March The video includes an audio quote of Osho. Italian radio and TV screenwriter Roberta Lippi interviewed people who grew up with sannyasin parents or were sannyasins themselves. By Punya. Great stuff!

People working with People with Tarika 7 11 August Osho Miasto, Tuscany, Italy This is a course for therapists, session givers, bodyworkers, and anyone in a work situation where there is a relationship between client and therapist. Dancing the Seven Chakras with Maneesha 15 18 August Osho Risk, Denmark In this life-changing process you will dance your heart open, expanding your capacity for self-love, using the powerful process of Dance Energy Transformation, to transform your pain and negative emotions. Pittura Primal with Svagito, Sahaja, Ojas 21 25 August In this group we will re-discover our original playfulness and spontaneity. Meditation, painting, dance and play are part of our journey to find ourselves. Voicing with Prathiba 21 27 August It is a process that helps to reactivate and use the many features that the voice has: transformation of the energy blocks; direct and unashamed expression of emotions, waking up the silences of the heart and of our thirst for novelty and wonder.

The groups on growth, body awareness, artistic expression and meditation born around Osho are famous throughout the world, both for the expertise of the.
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This group is designed to bring joy, love and awareness into family life. When parents and children share the space of creativity together they can learn from each other. By painting with their children parents will remember the forgotten language of spontaneous expression, creativity that comes out of joy and innocence. This can create a bridge between the hearts of all family members. In these 5 days we dance, paint, play and meditate.

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I will be touring with Milarepas One Sky Band again this year. See you around. Der Schatten ist unser verborgener dunkler Anteil. Oft wird er uns von Anderen gespiegelt. Denn dahinter schlummert viel Energie und Potential, das befreit werden will A wonderful international team of Tantra teachers including Alan Lowen and many others as well as a variety of musicians like Maok, Shakya, Rishi Vlote and others, plus various DJ 's will feed you with a feast of experiential workshops, concerts, dance events and much more. Take advantage of the fantastic early bird offers now!



Osho Miasto, Chiusdino


April 13, Maharaj sent us a video of the new pool at Osho Miasto in Tuscany, Italy. October 2, left her body on 30th September
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