Linee guida tumore polmone 2017

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linee guida tumore polmone 2017

L'AIOM dal ha deciso di includere un gruppo di pazienti nello sviluppo delle Linee Guida. Questo coinvolgimento rappresenta l'impegno di AIOM nel.


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I Registri tumori sono strutture impegnate nella raccolta di informazioni sui malati di cancro residenti in un determinato territorio. I numeri del cancro in Italia pdf 10,4 Mb. I numeri del cancro in Italia pdf 3,2 Mb. I numeri del cancro in Italia pdf 1,7 Mb. Tumori in Italia. Rapporto Si tratta di un aspetto nuovo della malattia oncologica che i tradizionali indicatori epidemiologici non mettono in luce.

Pulmonary nodules can be divided into solid lesions and subsolid lesions, which can be further subdivided into part-solid and pure ground glass nodules. In the updated Fleischner Society guideline was published[1]. These replace the recommendations for solid [2] and subsolid pulmonary nodules [3]. These new guidelines should reduce the number of unnecessary follow-up examinations and provide clear management decisions. Perifissural nodules are a separate entity, since they usually represent intrapulmonary lymph nodes, which are benign and need no follow up.

Print Download. Examples: Cancer AND drug name. Pneumonia AND sponsor name. How to search [pdf]. For these items you should use the filters and not add them to your search terms in the text field. Print Download Summary.

Fleischner 2017 guideline for pulmonary nodules

Multivariate analyses were performed in order to identify the main predictors of time to next treatment and the main cost drivers. As second-line treatment, the target therapy and immune checkpoint inhibitors nivolumab were the most commonly used treatments. The costs sustained in are proportionally higher than those sustained in , mainly due to the increasing eligibility to target therapy and immune checkpoint inhibitors and the wider biomarker analysis performed.

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