Best 3ds games 2017

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Best 3DS Games 2017

best 3ds games 2017

Here are GameSpot's choices for the five best 3DS games to release this year.

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Despite the release of Nintendo Switch , this year still gave us plenty of top-notch 3DS games. The popular handheld maintained a strong lineup this year that consisted of new and exciting entries from iconic series and remakes and reissues of existing popular games. With the year about to come to a close, we've narrowed down a list of 's five best 3DS games that you need to add to your collection. In no particular order, here's our Best of 3DS from It would certainly be an understatement to say expectations were high for Metroid: Samus Returns. It had been seven years since the last proper game in the series, Metroid: Other M , launched for Wii, and its story and portrayal of Samus were so divisive that it led to a temporary hiatus for the franchise. Just as worryingly to many fans was the news that Samus Returns was being developed by MercurySteam, the studio behind the equally divisive Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series.

Game Releases by Score Metascore User score. User: 8. Fire Emblem: Awakening. User: 9. Shovel Knight. Super Mario 3D Land.

Below, find our 12 favorite games for the 3DS and 2DS. Who knew that a sleepy town of anthropomorphic animals could be so fulfilling? A Good Match For: Self-directed gamers with a strong, child-like sense of wonder and a penchant for creativity. What will you do with it all, how will your personality shine? Not a Good Match For: Those who want something fast-paced. Read our review.

Nintendo may be shifting its attention to the new Switch console but its 3DS handheld system still had a very good year in When many gamers dubbed as the time of death for the 3DS, Nintendo put out arguably its deepest and strongest lineup for the handheld in some time. From established first-party Nintendo titles to a third-party game and even a brand new IP, the 3DS proved it still had staying power as we head into Keeping the characters and story from the original but adding new, never-before-seen features in the franchise like the dungeon explorations, it really gave Fire Emblem fans something different and exciting. With a tough difficulty and the tried-and-true battle mechanics from past Fire Emblem games, Shadows of Valentia was a great addition to the series and to the 3DS library in Full Review. Between lost profits and general common sense, here's why we think these games should be on Nintendo's latest hardware.

The 3DS has enjoyed several updates over the years, but each was compatible with its predecessor, and that translates to a huge library. In many ways, there are two types of Zelda games. One type is the 3D adventure that began with Ocarina of Time , which has gone on to become the standard for a subsequent home console Zelda adventures. The kingdom has been relatively peaceful in the decades since the previous game. That peace is threatened when a dark sorcerer, Yuga, traps the young Princess Zelda a descendant of the princess from A Link to The Past in a magical painting. Fans of A Link to the Past will enjoy the familiarity, but A Link Between Worlds also turns the Zelda formula on its ear, opening up the entire world from the outset and offering all items through a rental shop. The game was released to critical acclaim in , with many citing its addictive gameplay, fantastic 3D capabilities, and impressive level design as reasons for its greatness.

Whether you've already bought a Nintendo Switch, or are still clinging onto the worn grooves of your 3DS, it would benefit your gaming life to not forget about Nintendo's ageing handheld. Whether you fancy action, RPGs, puzzles, or games about racing horses while playing solitaire, the 3DS has something to offer you. If you're a true Nintendo fanatic, you'll want to check out the contenders on our best Wii U games list as well - especially now that the console's getting nice and cheap. And fear not, the future is even brighter - just look at the upcoming Nintendo Switch games if you're not convinced. Some online stores give us a small cut if you buy something through one of our links. Read our affiliate policy for more info.

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Finding the best Nintendo 3DS games isn't easy, not because there's too few, but because there's so many. We narrowed down the console's deep library to the.
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