Lajmet e fundit ne shkoder 2017

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Reconstruction of the road “Qafe Thore – Theth”, Shkoder

lajmet e fundit ne shkoder 2017


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Sipas prof. Gazeta Shqiptare. Ne asnje Kala nuk ka Xhami , vetem Kisha sepse Romaket kishin strategji e ndertonin ne kala e kodrina, kurse otomanet ndertonin ne fusha. Sipas Meksit dhe disa komentuesve anadollake gjeja e ime e rrembyer me dhune duhet ta ndajme me rrembyesin ky eshte qytetrimi Islam qe kane Shqiptaret gjene time duhet ta ndaje sepse ti ji i forte ose kercenon me lufte. Duhet te ndryshohet ky mentalitet i grabitjes dhe i plackitjes dhe i kercenimit mislimanet ti marrin tullat e minares se tyre se ne jemi ne vendin tone dhe kerkojme drejtesi , ketu nuk po nxisin katoliket konflikt , por mislimanet qe kerkojne edhe pas vitesh te na mbajne te pushtuar dhe nen kercenim me gjene tone kjo nuk duhet te tolerohet ne emer te tolerances , se kjo nuk eshte tolerance , por eshte kercenim. Edhe tek kalaja e prezes para disa vitesh ne themelet e kishes me investimin e shtetit turk u kthye ne xhami. Ky ishte nje deformim i historise dhe ne myslimanet e pranojme qe para pushtimit turk shqiptaret kane qene te krishtere.

Urban Planning. Sustainable transport. Sustainable Tourism. Department of State and implemented by Meridian International Center. President Obama highlights his commitment to building bridges that help us tackle global challenges together. The guest speakers were art historian, anthropologist, architect and critic of arts. Gezim Qendro as a memory where people feel sad by their personal past, their parents or grandparents, there was talk of lack of modernity, surveillance, and systematic oversight of people.

The Bidders who submitted a Bid and the bid prices as read out and as evaluated:. Geotextille works during in the amount of 64, m2 which is less than the requested amount. Masonry works during in the amount of 1, m3 which is less than the requested amount. Lushnje, Albania, Adr. The duration and summary scope of the contract: The construction period is 10 months. The project aims full reconstruction of Qafe Thore — Theth.

Open forums. Between and in developing countries, the urban population is expected to double, and all built-up areas are designed to be tripled if the current trends continue on this way. This rapid transformation of spatial demographic could prove to be difficult for cities in developing countries, especially small and medium towns, where the capacity to cope with major urban challenges is usually insufficient. These challenges include climate change, natural resource scarcity, informal buildings or slums growth, disparities in economic development and efficiency of cities, security, etc. Urban growth for Cities provides a synthesized approach and an analysis of policy-making. It will be explored in several ways, like: economic, philosophic and social forces.

It is the association football branch of the Vllaznia Sports Club, which was founded on 16 February It is also the oldest club in Albania which means it is the first club created in Albania. The club have competed in every edition of Albanian Superliga since , which is the top tier of football in Albania, besides in , and football seasons. Vllaznia is one of the most successful football clubs in Albania, having won nine Albanian Superliga titles, six Albanian Cups and two Albanian Supercups. They have only been relegated from the Albanian Superliga three times in due to a disqualification from the Albanian Superliga ,in and for the last time in decades in It was the first time a football team composed of Albanians had played foreigners, making it the first international game to ever take place involving an Albanian team, as well as being the first minute football game to be played with two 45 minute halves in the country. They played games against other Albanian teams, notably playing KF Tirana in their first ever game in October

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  1. Vllaznia e nis mbare, mund Lacin ne javen e pare te kampionatit Shpresoj ta nisim mbare ne ndeshjen. Nje historik i shkurter i futbollit ne Shkoder.

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