Miglior launcher android 2017

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15 best Android launcher apps! (Updated 2019)

miglior launcher android 2017

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If you are still using your Android device with the stock launcher, you are in for a treat. The world of third-party Android launchers overflows with creativity, convenience, features, customization. Best of all, almost all launchers are available for free or, at least, offer free versions with limited functionality. The answer to this question will depend on your circumstances and preferences. Do you own an older device that is beginning to show its age? If so, a lightweight launcher optimized for speed and efficiency might be just what you need. But maybe you are a customization freak who wishes to have complete control the appearance and functionality of your home screen.

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Android Authority is reader supported. When you buy through links on our site we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More. Android launcher apps have long been an integral part of the Android experience. There is no doubt that Android launcher apps have a far more diverse set of features than any other genre of application and you can really do some amazing things with these apps. We would list the Google Pixel Launcher if it were available for more than a handful of devices.

App makers offer an incredibly diverse array of options to customize your Android phone, with launchers ranging from minimalist skins to those that put an explosive array of color on your smartphone. A good launcher can give your phone a total makeover, from changing the look and feel with different icons and themes, to adding new functionality such as smart folders and search assistants. The Pixel 3 may have refreshed the stock Android home screen experience last fall, but there's more than one launcher for your phone. Here's a closer look at some of the best. Let's start with the default launcher on Google's Pixel phones.

Looking for the best Android Launcher? A peculiar thing about Android is the versatility and multiple arrays of options on offer. Many of us, ardent to Android must have been fascinated by the extensive usage and customization offer available with it. One such offering of Android is the Android launcher. Although the stock version comes with their launchers that give homage to their Android skins, the customizable option allows one to intertwine with different other choices. Also Read: Best Android Browsers Android launcher range from being a minimalist one to the feature laden heavily customized ones.

Best Android Launchers for Customizing Your Phone

The Best SECRET Android Launchers of 2017?

20 Best Free Android Launchers

Mobile Launchers are one of the most customizable parts of Android. Not only that, Android smartphones are inoperable without a launcher, which comprises your home screen and the catalog of all the apps available on your device. For instance, a Google Pixel device comes pre-installed with the Pixel Launcher. There are many third-party launchers available that can replace your default launcher. But, why should you change Android launcher in the first place? Answer to this question is pretty simple: third-party launchers offer an endless amount of customization for users to suit their needs.

Personalization possibilities abound, at both the default OS level or by installing one of the hundreds of launchers just under at Google Play Store as I wrote this. You can find launchers that cause your phone to emulate other devices, such as iOS iPhone smartphones, or to help integrate your phone into your home- or business-office ecosystem, or even to make your Android device behave more like another Android device. There are a few launchers, for example, designed to give your smartphone a look and feel of the popular yet costly Google Pixel. All Android smartphones come with their own, or a default, launcher, which is usually the result of the joint effort between the phone manufacturer and the cellular service provider. If for no other reason than simplicity, often, letting a launcher do the bulk of modifications for you is preferable to trying to customize the phone yourself. Again, Google Play Store lists over of them.

Ecco quindi che abbiamo pensato ad un guida alla scelta del Miglior Launcher per Android tra i tanti disponibili sul Play Store. Per dare una ventata di freschezza al vostro smartphone Android , le applicazioni sono numerosissime , e oggi parliamo proprio dei launcher. Tra le proposte abbiamo tante app, tra le quali anche una da Microsoft davvero interessante. Ecco i quindi di seguito una lista di app per trovare il miglior launcher per Android:. Supporta gli icon pack, in modo da personalizzare le icone a vostro piacimento, ha il supporto ad i temi.

10 Best Android Launchers For Customizing Your Phone In 2019





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