Francesco gabbani occidentalis karma italy eurovision 2017

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Occidentali's Karma (English translation)

francesco gabbani occidentalis karma italy eurovision 2017

of Eurovision Francesco Gabbani – “Occidentali's Karma” (Italy) 80 million views on YouTube and already topped the charts in Italy.

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It's raining Chanel drops On aseptic bodies Save yourself from the smell of your own kind Everybody know-it-alls with Web People's cocaine Poor's opium. It's pretty close to mine, but I like how you translated "Internetologists" and "Honorary members of the anonymous selfie-makers group". Thank you for your translation! Yes, your translation was pretty good, I just tried to mantain the style of the italian lyrics! Thank you!

Westerners' Karma is a song performed by Italian singer Francesco Gabbani. The song was released as a digital download on 10 February through BMG Rights Management as the lead single from his third studio album Magellano The main theme of the song is the superficial lifestyle of westerners, mainly based on materialism and appearance. The lyrics refer to the internet as the opiate of the poor in reference to Marx , 'selfie addiction', internet know-it-alls, and a society based on conformity and uniformity. As a result, our evolution seems to 'stumble' instead of moving forward. According to Gabbani, the chorus of the song is a mockery of westerners who believe they can take Eastern cultures and "westernise" them.

In fact, events of the last week have created a snowballing momentum that could well see Italy go on to win Eurovision in May. The entry has set Twitter alight, with videos of people performing the routine popping up everywhere. In his second performance of the song, they flipped costumes. He performed in a gorilla outfit, whilst the gorilla performed in his orange sweater, jeans and trainers. For the final, Francesco switched to a star-covered suit whilst the ape donned a red bow-tie. Another staging masterstroke. He won the best newcomer award at Sanremo with his platinum awarded song Amen.

Francesco Gabbani

We have reached the summit! Since their return in from a 14 year long break, two-times winners Italy have had claimed a runners up spot, a third place and two other top 10 results.

It’s official! Francesco Gabbani will sing “Occidentali’s Karma” in Italian at Eurovision

With a landslide of Italy's Francesco Gabbani is leading us to enlightenment with his Eurovision song "Occidentali's Karma". And as we approach nirvana with him we can't help but whisper namaste. So we have designed a limited edition range of t-. Our adorable gorilla in meditation will remind you to always find your centre. Eurovision francescogabbani sanremo sanremo celebratediversity yoga yogaclothes yogagear instayoga wiwibloggs eurovisionsongcontest esc tshirts instafashion phonecovers.

Quer remover todas as suas pesquisas recentes? Para si Explore. Cancelar Remover. Italian Music. Gabbani said that he wanted to bring joy with this song but also an opportunity to think seriously about our contemporary society.

Occidentali's Karma





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  1. "Occidentali's Karma" (transl. Westerners' Karma) is a song performed by Italian singer Francesco Gabbani. Morris also added that he wanted Francesco Gabbani to win the Eurovision Song Contest. anglicisation of the Italian language, with the song originally titled in Latin as "Occidentalis Karma" (Western Karma).

  2. The Italian entry, 'Occidentali's Karma', was one of the most popular entries this Francesco Gabbani won the Sanremo Music Festival in.

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