Scherzo emma amici 2017

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Video dello scherzo di Emma Marrone ad Elisa ad Amici 2017, tra CD pirata e sexy shop

scherzo emma amici 2017

Amici 16 - Scherzo Hot ad Emma

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By MailOnline Reporter. An Italian TV show has sparked fury for a bizarre prank where a male dancer repeatedly gropes a singer. In the extremely uncomfortable routine on Italy's Canale 5, pop star Emma Marrone is repeatedly interrupted from her singing routine by a backup dancer. He repeatedly squeezes her buttocks and breasts, causing Ms Marrone to look visibly uncomfortable. At one point she tells the show's staff: 'I don't want to be a prude - but when he touches me so much, I can't sing. This isn't dancing.

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An Italian which aired a weird prank, involving a female singer being groped by one of her backing dancer, has caused outrage. Singer Emma Marrone appeared on Italy's Canale 5 to perform a song but as she tried to get through her a routine a creepy backing dancer approaches her and begins groping and grabbing Marrone. Marrone looks far from impressed as he tries to grab her boobs and leans into her. In the clip she can be seen pushing the man away and repeatedly telling him, 'No, a bit less. She can then be heard telling staff: "I don't want to be a prude - but when he touches me so much, I can't sing.

You see Emma rehearsing on stage before a live show. A background dancer in cahoots with the producers takes to rubbing his crotch on her and running his hands down the front of her thighs. She asks him to tone it down a translator has to intervene as the dancer only speaks French , and he pretends to understand and apologise, but once Emma starts singing he again rubs himself on her, puts his arms around her, apparently tries to kiss her neck and touch her breasts; all of this is accompanied by cartoonish sounds butt pinch: BEEP BEEP! Emma eventually loses it and pushes the dancer away; he theatrically falls to the floor and then picks a fake fight with the choreographer. Everyone was in on the prank. Cut to the judges, all in tears of laughter, accompanied by a howling audience.

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Anger over Italian talent show's sexual assault 'prank'

WATCH: Singer assaulted on an Italian talent show, producers later call it a ‘prank’

The prank - which involved a backing dancer groping Italian singer Emma Marrone during show rehearsals - was broadcast on Monday on Italy's Canale 5. Marrone was visibly uncomfortable, repeatedly asking the dancer to stop pressing up against her, rubbing her thighs and kissing her. But the dancer continued to touch her hair, legs, buttocks and breast, as well as kiss her buttocks and shoulder. This isn't dancing! After repeating the phrase "No, a bit less", Marrone grew increasingly agitated, pushing him away and eventually pushed him to the ground, shouting.




Italian singer not impressed when dancer GROPES her




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