Eurovision 2017 top 13

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Eurovision 2017: UK gets excuses in early but is tipped to avoid nul points

eurovision 2017 top 13

TOP 10: Most watched music videos of the 2017 Eurovision season

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Once a year since , Europe has gathered together to celebrate the cheesier-than-fondue fest that is the Eurovision Song Contest. Need more backstory on the event? And things have only snowballed in the last days. What it lacked, however, was theatrics. But thankfully, other countries picked up the WTF slack. From dancing animals to genre mashups that no one asked for, here are our top 10 favorite moments of Eurovision

Sobral said as he accepted his award on Saturday night in Kiev, Ukraine. Sobral , 27, performed the song in Portuguese, dressed in an oversized dinner jacket, and often clasped his hands in front of his chest as he sang. It was a far cry from the other performances, which included shirtless men splashing in a pool; a performer wearing a horse head sitting atop a ladder; another straddling a full-sized cannon; and several instances of fireworks. The announcement process, which was broadcast on television stations around the world on Saturday night, took roughly an hour. Eurovision, which now draws nearly million viewers each year, begins with a series of contests and official appointments in each of the participating countries to determine who will go to the finals. Most countries compete in a semifinal round, which took place earlier this week.

EUROPE — Every year we make an annual post, updated throughout the season periodically to present you the latest betting odds for national selections and the Eurovision Song Contest. MAY 13 Before events began in Kiev, the clear favourite for victory was Italy and today Italy still finds itself among the top three but the betting odds have seen many changes from initial predictions. Sweden is in fifth, a good position, given it received a lukewarm welcome before the semi finals. Both of these been well received in the semi finals and expected to do well in the final. Notable mention needs to be made of the opposite side of the betting odds. A surprise in some of these, given the likely diaspora votes. It needs to be noted that the betting odds will continue to change as we approach the final in Kiev but if this is any indication then the likely winner may be a nation which would be new to winning or who has not won for a very long time.

Embrace it. Russell knew it the moment he heard it. Trust us: these are the potential Eurovision winners and ones to watch. Azerbaijan can seemingly do no wrong and are consistently incredible at Eurovision of late. Last year Samra had issues with a throat infection and her vocals suffered, plus it was an incredibly competitive year and tough to call. Were we pre-empting this potential winner? Quite possibly!

Here's what you need to know about the nail-biting final Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov , Beautiful Mess - points. Belgium: Blanche , City Lights - Italy: Francesco Gabbani , Occidentali's Karma - Romania: Ilinca feat. Alex Florea , Yodel It!

Eurovision 2017: Watch the top five performances




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