Lucca comics 2017 harry potter

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Quidditch players at Lucca Comics and Games 2017.

lucca comics 2017 harry potter

Lucca Comics School of magic at Hogwarts Castle for Harry Potter Fans will be re-created in Piazza del Collegio city centre Lucca.

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With an official announcement published on the website of the festival in tuscany, it was revealed that during the Lucca Comics and Games the magical atmosphere of the world of Harry Potter is going to the city: in fact, in the exhibition area will be recreated Hogwarts Castle. Salts you on the Hogwarts Express and immerse yourself in the world of Harry, Ron, and Hermione: the correct stop is the Piazza of the College, in front of the Family Palace. For the occasion will be recreated as a setting that promises to send you into raptures all fans of the famous boy wizard, which you will find in front of the Castle of Hogwarts. Inside will be recreated various environments, a series of glimpses and realistic details of the world created by J. Details of shops, streets, evocative moments experienced by the characters in the film Thanks to the Middle Ages, all the visitors of Lucca Comics and Games this year will have the opportunity to take a dip in the fantastic world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts.

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Please update your browser to visualise this site correctly. Update your browser now. Tempted by the idea of spending some fun-filled days in the company of Spiderman, Batman, Darth Vader and the Ninja Turtles? Here you can meet your favourite cartoon and game characters in an evocative Tuscan setting and enjoy the many pleasures of the renaissance city of Lucca at the same time. The event is divided into two main sections: Lucca Comics and Lucca Games. Lucca Comics draws a passionate crowd of comic and game aficionados who like nothing more than to become cosplayers by dressing up as their favourite cartoon, manga, games and TV and movie characters. So, don't be surprised to bump into characters from the Hunger Games or Harry Potter during your wanderings.

James is the younger of the two by 13 minutes. As they spent an extensive amount of time shooting for Harry Potter , the twins were tutored on set, along with their fellow school-age cast friends. In , at age 14, the twins skipped school exams to attend an open audition, despite having no previous acting experience, and, after about six auditions, were cast as Fred and George Weasley in the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. They went on to play their characters in all of the subsequent Harry Potter films. In , they starred in A Mind's Eye , a short documentary film based on the philosophical ideas of Plato. The brothers have also been involved in the Harry Potter Exhibition; they were present during its official opening in Chicago, and have since followed its tour around different cities and countries to promote it. Their second tour was a solo one around Thailand.

James and Oliver Phelps










Lucca Comics & Games, Lucca Picture: Harry Potter - Check out TripAdvisor members' candid photos and videos of Lucca Comics & Games.
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