Tappa giro 28 maggio 2017

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Giro d’Italia 2017

tappa giro 28 maggio 2017

Tappa per tappa, alla scoperta di tutti i segreti del centesimo Giro d'Italia, in programma dal 5 al 28 maggio , che portera i corridori da Alghero a Milano.

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This international event was dedicated to digital and technological innovation, but above all, to young talents. In fact, there were numerous universities, companies, institutions and communities that worked together with technological partners to create one of the most prestigious education and entertainment events in Italy. In short, this summarizes all the elements used to tell this event in all of its distinctiveness. We met the entourage of Campus Party in the two weeks preceding the event, and we were immediately attracted to the format and the guests present at the event. The interviews with the participants were undoubtedly the most suggestive activities of the event, but the task entrusted to us had to do with more complex and often risky tasks.

Roll out is at The start of racing km 0 follows a 5km neutralised section. A popular resort set on a wide bay strewn with islands. The ancient name of the city is Telmessos: the fortress overlooking the city was built by the Knights of Rhodes. Fethiye is known for elaborate rock tombs carved into the cliffs by the Lycians. The tomb of Amnytas, dating to the 4th century BC, is in the Doric architectural style.

L'11 maggio riparte il Giro d'Italia! Seguici qui e sui nostri social media per tutti gli aggiornamenti e dicci la tua! Tweets about giro OR giroditalia OR giro. Vai al portale. Inserire il numero della spedizione per avere informazioni aggiornate su una specifica spedizione. Verifica di avere inserito il codice corretto.

Giro d'Italia e Fercam

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Giro d'Italia 1914






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