Star wars day 2017 italia

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May the 4th Be With You: 29 Star Wars Day Sales, Deals and Freebies

star wars day 2017 italia

Star Wars Day Milano 2015

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Star Wars is so popular that it has its own holiday. Each year, on May 4, people around the globe celebrate Star Wars Day. Star Wars Day activities range from simple social media tweets and office humor to costume events and themed parties. However you plan to celebrate, here are some spectacular deals on Star Wars merchandise , movies, games and more. If your way of celebrating May the 4th is to watch the movies, read the comics or get some free souvenirs, check out these movie and entertainment discounts. From free ice cream to restaurant coupons, these are the food deals and freebies you're looking for. So whether you're going to a costume party dressed as BB8, want to take the kids to the comic book store or want to get a good deal on some Star Wars merchandise -- use these promotions to make this Star Wars Day one to remember.

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Transport Canada Recall Gets In On Star Wars Day Fun

A Jedi Knight may not crave these things, but Star Wars fans of all ages sure do. Transport your family, your friends—even yourself—to that galaxy far, far away with Star Wars Christmas ornaments , greeting cards and gifts you will find just right for fans of any age.




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