New hulk movie 3

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Avengers: Endgame is here -- How I survived Marvel's 59-hour movie marathon

new hulk movie 3

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Then, in Endgame , things got even stranger when the Avengers sought out Bruce and found that he had managed to merge his two personalities to create Smart Hulk - all of Bruce Banner's science genius, wrapped up in Hulk's brawny green body. This leaves Hulk's future in the MCU pretty open. With Iron Man and Black Widow dead, Steve Rogers now an old man, Hawkeye returned to his family, and Thor off in space with the Guardians of the Galaxy, it looks like Hulk is the last original Avenger left at HQ - and he too might go off and do his own thing as the Avengers usually do in between their team-up movies. It served the character well as an origin story, but outside of occasional references like Bruce recalling the time he " broke Harlem " and the eventual return of William Hurt as Thunderbolt Ross, it's easy to forget that Incredible Hulk is an MCU movie. Not only was the role of Bruce Banner soon recast with Mark Ruffalo, there also hasn't been a standalone Hulk movie since. Universal has a "first refusal" option on Hulk's movie rights, which means that if Marvel wanted to make a Hulk solo movie, it would first have to offer Universal the option of distributing it similar to how Sony Pictures distributes the MCU Spider-Man movies.

I holed up in a theater this week watching 22 MCU films back to back, culminating with Endgame. The experience can be summed up in one word: awesome. My hour Marvel movie marathon is here. Yes, I'm watching 59 hours of Marvel movies , back to back to back. I'll sleep in a theater chair and eat way more popcorn than I probably should.

A few months ago, Mark Ruffalo hinted at a potential rights issue that's stopping Marvel pressing ahead with a standalone Hulk movie. He said that a Hulk movie was "still Universal's property" , arguing "that's a big impediment" to moving ahead with a new, standalone Hulk movie. Now we have a little bit more detail. Before the Marvel cinematic universe came about, Universal hired Ang Lee to make a sorely-underappreciated Hulk film, that starred Eric Bana. The movie did decent business in , but hardly won too many people over.

Avengers: Endgame’s take on the Hulk, explained

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is sprawling to say the least — after 10 years and 23 movies, there was bound to be some material left on the cutting-room floor. Here are seven plots, movies and character details which never made it to cinema screens. Thor 's future was heading in a very different direction at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron. The original idea was butchered by cuts, director Joss Whedon told the Empire film podcast in , and would have seen a third Thor movie in which he would hunt down the infinity stones all on his lonesome. This idea was scrapped when Taika Waititi was brought on to direct the film, which was a lifesaver for the Norse god. Instead, Rebecca Hall's character was drastically reduced. Toy marketability.

That version of the character was revived in the late '80s for a trilogy of made-for-TV movies which ultimately killed off the TV Hulk. David Banner dies at the end, but his death wasn't meant to be permanent. Its low ratings meant few people got to see the moronic manner of the Hulk's death: he falls from a plane. He not only survives, but does it with a big smile. If you're a fan of both the comics and the show, you learned a long time ago to accept that, power-wise, Ferrigno's Hulk wasn't even close to the comic book version. But still, falling from a plane? That's how you kill the Hulk?

Every Hulk movie ranked from worst to best

The film was directed by Louis Leterrier , with a screenplay by Zak Penn. In The Incredible Hulk , Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk as an unwitting pawn in a military scheme to reinvigorate the "Super-Soldier" program through gamma radiation. On the run, he attempts to cure himself of the Hulk before he is captured by General Thaddeus Ross , but his worst fears are realized when power-hungry soldier Emil Blonsky becomes a similar, but more bestial creature. After the mixed reception to the film Hulk , Marvel Studios reacquired the rights to the character. Leterrier, who had expressed interest in directing Iron Man , was brought onboard and Penn began work on a script that would be much closer to the comics and the television series of the same name. In April , Norton was hired to portray Banner and to rewrite Penn's screenplay in order to distance itself from the film and establish its own identity as a reboot , although he would go uncredited for his writing.

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Amid the frenzy over the myriad of Marvel Phase 4 announcements at San Diego Comic-Con, it appears that the Hulk has been left behind by the superhero studio. So, where does our beloved Hulk fit into the MCU now? Is it on the scrapheap with Iron Man, or does he deserve a colourful Thor-style second act? Banner now morphed into Professor Hulk is broken, literally having been badly burnt after his use of the Gauntlet and mentally having lost Black Widow, the love of his life. If this was a traditional story, it would be an end-of-issue stinger or a season finale cliffhanger. As it stands, Marvel is consigning the Hulk to the shelf. The fact that Feige and company are going all-in on completely new faces is detrimental to one of the most important members of the old guard.

Mark Ruffalo gets to add a whole new dimension than Bruce Banner, too. In the five years since The Snap, Bruce Banner and the Hulk have stopped fighting for control of their body and figured out a way to share. The result is known as Professor Hulk, a dapper, charming monster who has a little more edge and swagger than puny Bruce, a much greener hue and a little gray around the temples, too. Ruffalo previously played The Hulk like a cranky little kid, one who has the power to do good counterbalanced against an unbridled urge to SMASH. But even back on the set of Age of Ultron , Ruffalo saw where this was going. He foreshadowed the rise of Professor Hulk. Maybe this monster is equally a part of me, and I can never really get rid of it.

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