Dear white people mtv

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MTV ‘New Year’s resolutions for white men’ viral video prompts social media racism storm

dear white people mtv

Starnes: This may shock MTV, but I'm a white guy

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To them, the premise, on its face, seems funny. In the days before White People aired, though, professional critics started airing a different kind of disapproval of the project. The most racially dividing thing I've ever seen. Really disheartening. Popular works of art and entertainment directly addressing racial issues have rightfully focused on minority struggles, which means the notion that whiteness itself can and should be held up for scrutiny is usually only implied.

If you're as obsessed with season three of 'Dear White People' as we are, then you are sure to have burning questions after the season finale. Lucky for.
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There's no confusion about how Vargas feels about things — his trademark expressive eyebrows "have a mind of their own and I don't know what they're going to do. The documentary airs 8 p. Wednesday night on MTV, and from the title alone, it's easy to see why Vargas had that concern. While there's a case to be made that American culture is filled with reflections on white culture, drumming down exactly what that culture is, why it exists and the role it plays in the tangled national conversation about race and racism is something else altogether. He was prepared to hear his young white interview subjects say some pretty outrageous things about race. And for him, that was OK. For the purposes of the documentary, he gets his white hometown friends and black college friends together for dinner that becomes awkward, tearful and finally, revelatory.

MTV News draws backlash for '2017 resolutions for white guys' video

The people in the video also mention Kanye West, Beyonce and the judge in the Stanford sexual assault case., Conservatives Need More Than Courage.

While its intention was to help stomp out racism, it ended up becoming a paradigm of racism in , Liz Calvario. Upon reading the negative comments online, Simien spoke out in a series of tweets aiming to shut down the internet trolls.


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  1. MTV’s documentary points out some facts about race that might seem obvious until you realize that for many Americans they’re not. The new documentary White People opens with the journalist Jose Antonio Vargas approaching white people on the street and telling them he’s “doing.

  2. White People is a American documentary film directed, produced and starring Pulitzer Prize winner Jose Antonio Vargas, and explores white privilege in the United States. The cast includes Dakota Wright, Lucas Nydam, Samantha Slavinsky, Katy, and John Chimento. The film debuted on MTV.

  3. Dear White People began as a movie, but it actually makes more sense as a TV show. While heady and powerful, Justin Simien's

  4. "Try to recognize that America was never 'great' for anyone who wasn't a white guy," the video urges America's white men. "And learn what.

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