Calendario oliviero toscani 2011

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Giornale del Parrucchiere

calendario oliviero toscani 2011

La Cultura del Bello 06 - incontro con Oliviero Toscani e Domenico De Masi

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Oliviero Toscani is best known for his provocative images, used to create unforgettable campaigns for brands like Benetton. Toscani also captured the famous photo of frighteningly skinny French model Isabelle Caro for a "No Anorexia" campaign. Yet, it is the work that Toscani produced for his latest client that may soon be banned in Italy. The controversial photographer was hired by an association of Tuscan leather workers who requested a calendar that could capture untamed feminine beauty. Toscani's choice of subject for the the Tuscan artisans? The female pubic area.

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Counter-current, irreverent, creative, provocative. These are some of the adjectives you can find associated with Oliviero Toscani , the Italian award-winning photographer and creative director whose name seems to cyclically resurface in the Italian media due to some infamous ad campaign. And although some of his earlier work could have fallen within the category of biting, his creative accomplishments are becoming repetitive to say the least. Toscani's ability to grab attention goes unquestioned but there must be a point at which the production of shocking images in order to grab some newspaper headlines becomes tiring. The latest Toscani effort at this is a calendar for the Consorzio Vera Pelle Conciata al Vegetale Consortium for Genuine Vegetable Tanned Leather , a consortium of leather tanners, which features twelve female au naturel as in unshaven pubes, one per month. The clever almanac was presented at Pitti Uomo in Florence and it is distributed together with this month's issue of Rolling Stone Magazine Italia.

Controversial Nude Calendar May be Banned in Italy

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