Things to do in rome in may

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The 22 best things to do in Rome

things to do in rome in may

Visiting Rome in May? Check out our in-depth guide to learn everything you need to know about Rome In May - information, tips & more.

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It was constructed to host gruesome performances for the public, including gladiator battles, animal hunting, executions and even sea battles, when the arena would be filled with water and ships. Today, you can wander around the underground tunnels, the arena floor and the stands. Founded by Pope Julius II in the 16th century, the museums house one of the largest and most important art collections in the world and are set across 54 galleries, courtyards and hallways. If you have time and plan well in advance, book tickets to descend into the Vatican Necropolis, located beneath St. The site is under restoration, but visitors can join guided tours held every Saturday and Sunday. Commissioned by Cardinal Scipione Borghese in the 16th century to house his impressive art collection, Galleria Borghese remains one of the premier museums in Rome.

By Elyssa Bernard. Coming to Rome in May? Spring is definitely here! Flowers are blooming all over the city, and the weather is fantastic for sightseeing - warm during the day and cool at night. But the reality is that I also never change my down comforter for a lighter blanket until the end of May. And I never put away my winter clothes until then either. May in Rome can be cooler than you think , especially at the beginning of the month.

A popular thing to do in Rome on May 1 is eat fava beans with pecorino cheese. And so in Rome in May you may find pasta with mussels, fava and pecorino.
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The Vatican's showcase basilica is free, though you'll probably have to queue to get in. Duck inside and take in spectacular works of art, including frescoes, an astrolabe, and a duo of anamorphoses, wall paintings that appear to change entirely depending on where you stand. Few views can top those from the massive marble monolith of Il Vittoriano. This atmospheric area is studded with artisans' studios, kosher bakeries and popular trattorias. New Rome Free Tour runs a twice daily walking tour of the historic centre. The last resting place of Keats and Shelley, Rome's non-Catholic Cemetery is a serene spot to recharge your batteries. Rome's Nazi occupation is recounted at this chilling museum housed in what were once the city's SS headquarters.

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