Flobie slide line dance

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flobie slide line dance

Line dancing Step Sheets and Information, FLOBIE SLIDE, Flo Cook.

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Die hier bereit gestellten Tanzbeschreibungen stammen von den jeweils genannten Choreographen. Minimale Abweichungen lassen sich nicht immer vermeiden. A Double Whiskey.
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It is the first part of a longer programme of 40 dances - the beginners dance programme. They stand for Absolute Beginners and also take beginners from A to B, i. The A-B Series allows absolute beginners to be dancing almost instantly as well as learning some basic steps. A-B "L" is the easiest possible line dance. It is intentionally choreographed as an "Absolute Beginner's" first dance. A-B stands for Absolute Beginner. It is simple and short 16 count sequences and there are no turns.


Flobie Slide Line Dance

After the Storm. An Absolute Dream.




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