Mostra alle scuderie del quirinale

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Entrata alle scuderie del Quirinale - Picture of Scuderie del Quirinale, Rome

mostra alle scuderie del quirinale

Mostra alle scuderie del Quirinale

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In collaborazione con il Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia di Milano; e ancora con la Biblioteca Ambrosiana, mostrano il lato tecnico e umanistico del grande scienziato e pittore. Le sue doti eccezionali di pittore lo fanno subito notare da Lorenzo il Magnifico. Ai giorni nostri sono stati ritrovati tantissimi bozzetti, schizzi o semplici e molteplici annotazioni; dettagli e appunti di meccanica, o del movimento dei corpi e quanto altro. Leonardo Da Vinci , fu uno dei primi a realizzare un nuovo tipo di prospettiva, denominata prospettiva aerea. Dove si scorge anche il totale rifiuto. Sebbene molto dominata.

The Theatre de Chatelet will be closed from March this year for major renovation. The construction site will be led by the architect Philippe Pumain who has already realized the renovation of Luxor. Over time, the room has become a bit […].
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Among the authors of antiquity, Publio Ovidio Nasone is undoubtedly one of the most loved; for two thousand years his verses, which speak to us of love or which narrate the adventurous stories of the gods, give us back the image of a living, passionate world, sensitive to beauty in all its forms. But what do writing and image have in common? How to restore the meaning and importance of the poet's words through works of art? When can a work be considered eternal and immortal? These are the questions among which our exhibition moves, curated by Francesca Ghedini and realized thanks to the precious contribution of prestigious national and international institutions, along an exhibition that starts from the life of Ovidio, immersed in the vicissitudes of imperial Rome, to get up to us snaking between his verses and his words. A work arrives to challenge eternity when we recognize the ways of thinking, dreaming and expressing oneself not only of the era in which that work was born but of all those to come: this is what happened at the Ovidio's metamorphosis, ideally celebrated and figuratively represented in the exhibition halls. The eternity of the Metamorphoses lies in their inimitable ability to tell stories by naturally linking words and images, just as Cinema will do nineteen centuries later; eternal then becomes the narration of the myths, known and cited by anyone over the centuries precisely in the version handed down by Ovidio and, in many cases, entered as antonomasies in the common language; eternal are the aesthetic suggestions evoked by Ovidio and become archetypes of feelings, psychological traits, characters, customs of a society no longer perceived as ancient but imperishable; as if it still existed in a parallel world, unchanged, equal to itself, close to us but immersed in the clouds like the divinities of the Ovidian Olympus.

Just went for the nth time to an exhibition. This time it was Ovid's Metamorphosis and the importance in Roman culture of the myths on which it was based. I liked the exhibition, although I accept that it may be not for all tastes but We have been at the entrance on both the 15th and 16th of August and the museum was closed on both days. This was not announced on google, tripadvisor! Please be aware. Visited the Quirinale to see the Hiroshigi exhibition.

Visiting hours to be defined. The Palazzo delle Esposizioni is closed on Monday. The exhibition at the Scuderie del Quirinale to mark the 2,th anniversary of Augustus's death tells the parallel stories of his dazzling career and of the birth of a new era. The adopted son and great-nephew of Julius Caesar, Augustus was a man endowed both with exceptional charisma and with extraordinary political intuition. His reign, which lasted over forty years, was to be the longest in the city's entire history. Under Augustus the Empire achieved its greatest expansion, spreading to cover the whole of the Mediterranean basin, from Spain to Turkey and from the Maghreb to Greece, and Germany.

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