Orca vs tiger shark

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Killer Whales Take Down Tiger Shark

orca vs tiger shark

Lion vs. Buffalo: When Prey Fights Back. Cobra Attacks Monitor Lizard for the first time a tiger shark being hunted down by a group of orcas (aka killer whales).

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But also: killer whales. For almost 15 years, Salvador Jorgensen from the Monterey Bay Aquarium has been studying great white sharks off the coast of California. He and his colleagues would lure the predators to their boats using bits of old carpet that they had cut in the shape of a seal. When the sharks approached, the team would shoot them with electronic tags that periodically emit ultrasonic signals. Underwater receivers, moored throughout Californian waters, detected these signals as the sharks swam by, allowing the team to track their whereabouts over time. In , the team tagged 17 great whites, which spent months circling Southeast Farallon Island and picking off the local elephant seals. But this period of steady hunting ended on November 2 of that year, when two pods of killer whales orcas swam past the islands in the early afternoon.

By Ellie Zolfagharifard for MailOnline. A brutal gang attack on a tiger shark by killer whales has revealed the violence of orcas in all its gruesome detail. The footage, which is believed to be a world-first, shows three killer whales working as a team to force the panicked shark to the surface. The gang wear the shark down and take opportunistic bites at its fins, until a large bull moves in to deliver the death blow, flipping the shark on to its back in the process. Scroll down for video.

Orcas are among the most savage killers in the ocean, wrecking tiger sharks , seals , beaked whales —and probably one of the most infamous apex predators out there, the great white shark. Orcas have only been spotted attacking great white sharks a handful of times. But this past week, two mangled great white carcasses washed ashore in the town of Gansbaai on the South African coast. And the corpses definitely showed signs of being leftover orca lunch. Another South African marine biologist who organized the autopsy, Alison Towner, told Gizmodo that she could only think of a few other times killer whales preyed on great whites.

The Predator That Makes Great White Sharks Flee in Fear

Wikimedia Commons Great whites are commonly thought of as the apex predators of the ocean, but orcas terrify the species to death — and with good reason. The prehistoric killers who never stop swimming, smell blood from afar and fear no other, do indeed, have an Achilles heel: the orca whale. - The great white shark, Carcharodon carcharias , is considered the most voracious apex predator in temperate marine ecosystems worldwide, playing a key role in controlling ecosystem dynamics.


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