Stephen curry ankle support

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Wearing Ankle Braces When You Hoop Will Change Your Life

stephen curry ankle support

This ankle brace is constructed of single-layer polyester ankle brace became very popular when Stephen Curry.

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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. If your ankles are weak or injured, the ASO brace allows you to move on the floor as if it were strong and functional. This nylon and cotton brace first laces up, from the midsole to the high ankle for medial support. Then, you take the two velcro straps and wrap each around and under the foot, velcroing to your outside ankle for added lateral stability.

As the glory days of your youthful athletic superstardom fade into distant, soft-lit, and wildly-embellished memories, you may find yourself looking to fill that gaping hole in your life with a regular pickup basketball game, or a co-rec volleyball league, or a flag football tournament that features way too many angry, doughy dudes threatening to start tackling just like they did back in the '92 state title game. Finding an outlet for what remains of your competitive juices is good and healthy and, the presence of said meatheads aside, probably good for your social life , too. But if you're not carefully lacing up a pair of black fabric ankle braces first, you, my friend, are an idiot. Mild sprains might be sore for a day or two before clearing up on their own, but more severe ones cause your ankle to swell grotesquely and turn all sorts of kaleidoscopic colors, transforming the simple act of getting up to pee at night into a herculean task that entails a lot of ungainly, half-asleep hopping. Recovering from my most recent sprain, an especially vicious turn that required three weeks of crutches and a walking boot, practically turned me into a hermit.

Confused about ankle supports? Our minute review of the best ankle braces for basketball is going to cover the top rated products in He wears an A2-DX ankle brace on both ankles during every basketball game he plays. And that means those involved with not just basketball, but volleyball, soccer, mountain biking, motorcycling and even mountaineers. How well a basketball ankle brace fits is going to have a huge bearing on exactly how comfortable it is.

When the opponent slashed to the hoop and went for the layup, I decided to come over from the weak side to try to block the shot. Or, so I thought. Unfortunately, I landed on the foot of my own teammate and badly rolled my right ankle. Every serious basketball player knows the horrible pain of an ankle sprain like that. You can check the comparison table here , or click on any of the ankle braces to read a more detailed review. There are a lot of different reasons why athletes use ankle braces.

The 3 Best Ankle Braces For Basketball In 2019



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