Pasta e lenticchie recipe

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Queen of the table of all days. Neapolitan pasta and lentils

pasta e lenticchie recipe

Pasta e lenticchie (Lentil and pasta soup) Search Italian recipes Pumpkin Puree with Goat Cheese Mousse and Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

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Carlo Mastroberardino, of Avellino's Mastroberardino Wines, says that when he was a boy, his mother made this dish so often he can barely look at lentils anymore. Despite his personal protest, it is one of the most beloved and typical dishes of Campania, where, based in Atripalda province of Avellino , the Mastroberardino family has been making wine since the s. Carlo, who in his early thirties gained control of the company with his father, Antonio, says his mother, an elementary school teacher, always made it on Fridays when he and his brother were growing up, using a pasta mischiata or pasta mista of the different shapes of macaroni left in the boxes and bags in her pantry. Capellini, also known as capelli d'angelo angel's hair , broken into 2- or 3- or 4-inch lengths, is another possibility and one many people prefer, if only because the very thin pasta cooks so quickly. Be warned: This is not soup. It should be very thick and it is eaten with a fork. Each week, The Splendid Table brings you stories that expand your world view, inspire you to try something new, and show how food brings us together.

This recipe came from our dear friend, Gary Mirabella. And, as with every recipe he has shared with us, it was. Over medium heat, add soup, cheeses and seasonings. Stir to combine. When the mixture begins to bubble and the cheeses begin to melt, reduce heat to low and continue to cook stirring occasionally. Meanwhile, cook pasta according to the directions on the package. Drain and add to soup mixture.

There is no particular difference in the preparation if you use dried lentils or canned ones, but customize them as you like by adding an ingredient that you really like. We, for example, add the bacon, you could, however, add strips of speck. Ingredients for 4 people: g lentils; g tubettini medium or broken spaghetti; gr bacon; a clove of garlic; extra virgin olive oil; 4 cherry tomatoes; prezzomolo; salt to taste. Put in cooking the lentils in salted water. When it starts to boil, lower the flame until cooked. In another pan, fry the garlic in the oil and then add the chopped tomatoes along with the bacon, and cook for a few minutes removing the garlic to imbionditura.

The recipe is easily halved or quartered, although depending on the size Stir in the salt and the pasta, cover and cook until al dente, stirring.
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Any pantry always has sacks of dried beans or lentils, half-full boxes of pasta and cans of tomatoes, or at least my pantries have always had these staples. I love these types of pastas, the first time I had them when I was an exchange student in the provincia di Matera, I was sold, and I was a fairly picky eater at that time. The pasta absorbed all of the flavors of the beans and was this sticky glob of deliciousness. I grew up on red beans and rice and a dozen other creative ways to eat a bean, so pasta e fagioli immediately become comfort food for me, as it is comfort food for my husband and most Italians. This is actually the first time I have ever made pasta e lenticchie, my husband has made it for me a number of times, but I never took the reigns and tried it myself.

Posted on Thursday, April 14, By: Michelle. Don't even ask me how to pronounce this recipe, all I know is that it was yummy!! It came out so good and it wasn't really hard! Even Anna really liked it! I'm not sure I have many notes on this recipe, I made it according to the directions and it came out. The online recipe does call for water but someone commented that in the episode he used chicken broth and that sounded a lot better so I did that and that is reflected in my ingredient list.

Pasta and Lentils: Pasta e Lenticchie

Rainy weather means SOUP! This soup is a family favorite. Buddy and his brother-in-law were cooking together on this show.


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  1. Pasta e lenticchie (lentils), like pasta e ceci (chickpeas) and pasta e fagioli ( beans), is a staple of Neapolitan cuisine. Get the recipe on Tasting.

  2. Variation: For Lenticchie e scarola, lentils with escarole, leave out the pasta and in its place add a Comments & Reviews Print this Recipe Email this Recipe.

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