Medi in sud 2014

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medi in sud 2014

When referrals for SUD services were made, ten (64%) indicated that a . an “ enhanced” Medi-Cal benefit for SUD treatment services in

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Fast Stats. Technical Assistance. Data Innovations. Figure 1. CCS categories are shown only if they are for conditions with greater than 5, total inpatient stays. Miscellaneous disorders include eating, sexual, and sleep-related disorders as well as other unspecified behavioral disorders.

Each year, nearly 20 million Americans with alcohol or illicit drug dependence do not receive treatment. The Affordable Care Act and parity laws are expected to result in increased access to treatment through integration of substance use disorder SUD services with primary care. However, relatively little research exists on the integration of SUD services into primary care settings. Our goal was to assess SUD service integration in California primary care settings and to identify the practice and policy facilitators and barriers encountered by providers who have attempted to integrate these services. Primary survey and qualitative interview data were collected from the population of federally qualified health centers FQHCs in five California counties known to be engaged in SUD integration efforts was surveyed.

In California, 1. These individuals often have greater SUD needs than previously enrolled beneficiaries. Emergency Department visits ,[4] and could benefit greatly if they utilize new SUD services. Senate Bill X increased the availability of SUD services, which were previously only available to certain populations, to all Medi-Cal beneficiaries. Enhanced SUD services include intensive outpatient treatment, residential SUD services, and a new elective detoxification benefit. While under review by CMS, residential treatment services was removed from the SPA, and the State must now seek a waiver to make this benefit available. Skip to content.

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  1. SB ensures California statutes accurately reflect how the Administration has defined the MAGI standards for purposes of eligibility of various groups.

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