Actividades para focus group

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Lincoln Elementary

actividades para focus group

Los focus groups se llevan a cabo para investigar en el. "porque" subconsciente . y comunicadores sociales en actividad y todos aquellos cuyas profesiones o.


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Lincoln Elementary is a dual language immersion school that prioritizes developing an increased cultural awareness while learning a second language. Design Development is in process. This input was used as designs were developed and will be reported back to the Focus Groups after the summer break. The Lincoln site plan is fairly solid, with design work starting on the County Health Clinic, in coordination with Benton County. Approval of final design is expected this fall, with construction cost approval pending bid in early

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The EIP Focus Groups are groups of approximately 20 people who represent the agricultural sector, comprising scientists, dissemination agents, farmers, and business people from different EU countries, who work to identify key activities to improve critical aspects of agriculture, such as, in this case, improving efficiency in the use of fertilizers. Poor efficiency in the use of fertilizers is a serious problem in agriculture because fertilizers that are not absorbed by crops cause important environmental problems, such as eutrophication and aquifer pollution, as well as contributing to global warming. The optic sensors placed on the UAL experiment farm are a form of short distance tele-detection in which the sensors are positioned at a distance of between 1 and 60 cm from the plants. These sensors are being popularly used for the management of fertilizers in extensive crops such as wheat and corn in North America, but their use in horticulture is non-existent. The AGR group is adapting this technology for horticultural crops in greenhouses.

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