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giochi phineas e ferb

Phineas and Ferb - Agent P Strikes Back [ Full Gameplay ] - Disney Games

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School's out for the summer, and stepbrothers Phineas and Ferb decide to make each day an adventure, from building a death-defying rollercoaster to surfing tidal waves to locating Frankenstein's brain. Meanwhile, the family's simple-minded pet platypus leads a double life as secret "Agent P" and faces off with the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz to save the world. Find all of the items on the list to stop Dr. Doofenshmirtz's Photomosaic-inator!

Game Features Phineas and Ferb Rocket to the stars : Phineas and Ferb rocket to the stars is the third game in cateogoria Phineas and Ferb 's , and is a game that promises large amounts of fun , so I could not not bring it to you and to you , to you and I part of this awesome game. The father of the two boys decided to make them a surprise and a star named after them. Because their mother missing for 15 days home decided it is the perfect time to build a rocket to get to see their own star. For this you will use the various items you need to put them on the launch pad. To work you need to use every item at least once, but the way they ordered acre rocket your decision. Just a little , and we manage to fill the category of games with Phineas and Ferb entirely , and we invite you to stay with us for this adventure.

The crazy adventures of Phineas and Ferb This series tells the stories of Phineas and Ferb Fletcher two half brothers who live in the town of Danville. These two guys with their friends are always doing something crazy or getting into trouble, which is why Phineas's sister, Candace is always trying to catch them to call his mother and punish them. Although never achieves its goal because the evidence always disappear in the eyes of his mother, Candace also become obsessed with getting married someday with her boyfriend Jeremy Johnson. One of his most faithful friends is Perry, your pet that is nothing less than a platypus who works for a secret government organization OWCA animals. This curious animal and the two guys fight against the evil Dr.

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