Maratona sant antonio 2014

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maratona sant antonio 2014

The Maratona di Sant'Antonio is an annual road running competition which takes place in April . 15th, , Pharis Kimani (KEN), , Fatna Maraoui (ITA) , 16th, , Robert Kipkemboi (KEN), , Nancy Githaiga (KEN) .

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Mulu Seboka Seyfu born 25 September is an Ethiopian long-distance runner who competes mainly in marathons. She has won marathons on four continents and holds a personal best of hours. She had her first significant win at the Valencia Marathon in She dipped under two hours forty minutes for the distance at the Maratona di Sant'Antonio in and had her second win at the Mumbai Marathon a year later. She knocked over four minutes off her best at the London Marathon , recording hours to place ninth.

One of the most important marathons in Italy in in Veneto is fast approaching: San Antonio Marathon and half marathon and ' City Runs - returns for another day of sport and solidarity. The San Antonio Marathon is now in its 15th edition and the marathon in Padua is scheduled for Sunday, April 27th! In addition to Venice and Treviso, the Padua events also boast the Sant'Antonio marathon starting from Campodarsego and finishing in Prato della Valle - the course being mainly based on the famous route followed by the saint of Padua St. Antonio in , shortly before his death. Since the first edition of the San Antonio Marathon in April, organized on the occasion of the Jubilee of , the Padua marathon has stood out for its excellent organization and has received a lot of positive feedback and participation. Until to , the marathon in Padua, Italy wound its way from Vedelago in Padua. The Sant Antonio Marathon Padova is now one of the most anticipated sport events in Italy, hitherto absent in the calendar of town events and now offering a great sportin g event in Padua.

Antonio and Padua Marathon is an annual road running competition which takes place in April in Padua , Italy. The event features a full marathon race The first marathon held in the area was the Vedelago Marathon, which was a national level race organised by the Gruppo Atletica Vedelago between and Another group, Assindustria Sport Padova, took over management of the marathon in and the race became an international one. Its route was also changed, with the start point remaining in the comune of Vedelago and the finish point being moved to Padua.

With strong influences from France, Africa and the Caribbean Islands, New Orleans boasts a variety of food, culture, and architecture. Maratona Sant Antonio is very popular among Italian races as it is held together with city festivals. This half iron distance race is the perfect season opener for Europeans who want to test themselves on a tough course set against the dramatic volcanic backdrop of this spectacular island. With 3, hours of sunshine a year, Fuerteventura is the closest Canary Island to the African coast with only km separating the Punta de la Entillada from Cape Juby in Morocco. Cape Town is the quintessential melting pot: it is a city alive with creativity, colour, sounds and tastes. With the mountain and ocean only minutes away, Cape Town is an outdoor and sport enthusiast paradise. Cape Town is a city where the unexpected is always just around the corner and the beautiful province of the Western Cape lies ready to be explored across the city border.

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Maratona di Sant'Antonio 2014

Mulu Seboka

On April 27, there will be the Marathon of St. Anthony in Padua. It can be considered as one of the most anticipated events for race fans and professional runners both in the national and international scene. The city is waiting anxiously for it as every year for the past 14 years , since it was organized for the first time in The athletes will try to beat their own personal record in the traditional marathon of 42km , as for the athletes who will compete in the half marathon of 21km , first organized in Moreover, there will be side events during the three days of sport and celebration in Padua at the end of April The Marathon of St.

Maratona Sant Antonio

The Maratona Sant Antonio in northern Italy offers a half and a full marathon. The finish line is on one of Europe's largest town squares — the magnificent Prato della Valle in the historic centre of Padua Italian: Padova , a city of over , people, situated on the Venetian Plain, approximately 40km from Venice. Starting in the village of Campodarsego 12km north of Padua , the marathon consists of a 30km rural loop and a 12km run to Padua. Last year, about athletes took part in the event. The time limit to finish the marathon is a generous seven hours.





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