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inside job streaming hd

'Inside Job' provides a comprehensive analysis of the global financial crisis of , which at a cost over $20 trillion, caused millions of people to lose their jobs .

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Inside job explores what actually happened during this period to reveal the corruption and the economic equilibrium which caused it to happen in the first place. A thought-provoking film presented by Matt Damon which was filmed in a number of locations including the United States, England, France, China and Iceland. A truly great and important documentary correctly narrated by Matt Damon. It shows what has gone wrong in the world the last decades, particularly in the US where the national debt has spiraled out of control. Every time I watch it, I am astonished. Especially since the results of the biggest financial crisis are next to nothing in terms of prosecution, regulation and taxation, in the US.

Sign in. Watch now. A documentary about the Enron corporation, its faulty and corrupt business practices, and how they led to its fall. A documentarian and a reporter travel to Hong Kong for the first of many meetings with Edward Snowden. Follows the key people at an investment bank, over a hour period, during the early stages of the financial crisis.

The global financial crises that unfolded in drove millions of people into bankruptcy and the economy into recession. Directed by Charles Ferguson and narrated by Matt Damon, this film dissects the causes and implications of the downturn and analyses the role played by.
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Genre: Documentary. Director: Charles Ferguson. Release: Alex Gibney explores the phenomenon of Stuxnet, a self-replicating computer virus discovered in by international IT experts. Evidently commissioned by the US and Israeli governments, this malware was designedÖ. This documentary follows two inner-city Chicago residents, Arthur Agee and William Gates, as they comply with their desires of changing into basketball superstars.

Accompanied by narration from Matt Damon, Ferguson begins and ends in Iceland, a flourishing country that gave American-style banking a try - and paid the price. Then he looks at the spectacular rise and cataclysmic fall of deregulation in the United States. Unlike Alex Gibney's fiscal films, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room and Casino Jack , Ferguson builds his narrative around dozens of players, interviewing authors, bank managers, government ministers, and even a psychotherapist, who speaks to a culture that encourages Gordon Gekko-like behavior, but the number of those who declined to comment, like Alan Greenspan, is even larger. Though the director isn't as combative as Michael Moore, he asks tough questions and elicits squirms from several participants, notably former Treasury secretary David McCormick and Columbia dean Glenn Hubbard, George W. Bush's economic adviser.

Inside Job

Why is America the world's richest nation? Is it mostly because of the government, or is it thanks to entrepreneurs and businessmen? Comedian Jolyon Rubinstein is on a mission.


Charlie Rose Interviews Charles Ferguson on his documentary 'Inside Job'






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