Best coc th6 base

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12+ Best Town Hall 6 Defense/Farming Base 2019

best coc th6 base

NEW BEST TH6 Base 2019 with REPLAY!! COC TH6 Trophy/War Base Layout - Clash of Clans

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It is time to get a best th6 base layout. All recent foundation layouts I showcased here have become popular so they may be defeated by an increasing number of people. I assembled together the most recent solid foundation layouts for th6 war base layouts and Farming Base Layouts. Take notice, some foundations are rebuilt using a greater city hall accounts, but just the guards and buildings out of Town Hall 6 foundations are utilized. If you would like to actually help your clan in Clan Wars, then you have to make first attackers neglect in your foundation — and together with the next Air Defense along with a fantastic design it is easy to do that. This TH6 foundation works good against the very well-known items that may happen to you — Hog Rider, Giants or Dragons.

So, the gold and elixir mines are distributed outside the core compartment and are easily available for opponents. If you got any good bases let us know by reaching us in the comment section below. We all know that the farming bases are about saving resources. So, the very first base is designed to save the resources by placing hidden defenses at the hot spots for troops spamming. If the attackers go for the cannon at the top, their troops will be funneled towards and walks into the spring traps. The opponent will surely drop their troops near the open wall and that gives a chance to save more resources. This base is designed very cleverly to protect the loot.

clash of clans town hall 6 base design. Here would be the bottom designs. Town Hall.
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Hybrid base is a category of bases that protects your town hall as well as your resources. These bases are usually for those who casually raid for resources but still wish to maintain a good trophy range. Here is another hybrid base with Centralized Town Hall. The Air Defense and Mortars are separated enough to cover most of base and partially each other. This base is little bit tricky because of the open wall with spring trap near the cannons which can attract troops of the opponent.

These are the best town hall 6 base designs. I understand lots of you seek out new base designs, therefore below are the brand new foundations for this month. Remember that some of them are constructed on greater Town-hall accounts, however they only utilize the buildings readily available for your corresponding Town-hall. It always helps accommodate them only a small bit. To be honest the fact that the attacker might find himself at a dead end at town Hall compartment at which troop funneling has complicated, and also a 3rd Star is very tough to have. Here would be the bottom designs. I am sure very few town hall 6 spiders understand the approach and certainly will go to the city Hall and do not obtain the 3 Stars at the very long term.


6+ Best TH6 Trophy Base 2019

New BEST TH6 TROPHY/HYBRID[defense] Base 2018!! COC Town Hall 6 Hybrid Base Design - Clash of Clans





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  1. I understand lots of you seek out new town hall 6 layout defence farming base designs, therefore below are the brand new foundations for this month.

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