Festa di san sebastiano

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Festa di San Sebastiano Acireale

festa di san sebastiano

San Sebastiano 2019 a Ferla(Sr),riassunto della hosonhouse.com Steps From Hell - Dragonwing

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Traditional procession of the confraternities. A cross-section of faith, traditions and folklore. Sebastian, from the legendary tale of his life, we know that he was originally from Narbo Martius Narbonne , a Roman colony of southern Gaul. When he came to Rome, he became part of the imperial army and was appointed tribune of the Pretoria cohort. During the persecutions of Diocletian against the military converted to Christianity, he refused to deny his faith in Christ and for this he was condemned to be pierced by the arrows of his fellow soldiers.

San Sebastiano is a holy martyr of the Christian Church. Sebastiano was martyred under Diocletian as his zeal for the spread of Christian doctrine together with that for assistance to prisoners and the burial of martyrs did not go unnoticed and were unpleasant to the emperor. He was condemned to death by the torture of the arrows. Legend has it that at night some Christians went to the place to bury him. Realizing that she was still miraculously alive, a noblewoman named Irene rescued him and welcomed him to her palace on the Palatine. Having regained health, instead of following the invitation of Christians to abandon Rome to save their lives, he decided to publicly declare his faith in Christ. He was killed, probably in the late third century.

Up to the Great Jubilee of , San Sebastiano was one of the Seven Pilgrim Churches of Rome , and many pilgrims still favor the traditional list not least perhaps because of the Catacombs, and because the Santuario della Madonna del Divino Amore , which replaced it in the list, is farther from the inner city. Built originally in the first half of the 4th century, [2] the basilica is dedicated to St. Sebastian , a popular Roman martyr of the 3rd century. The name ad catacumbas refers to the catacombs of St Sebastian , over which the church was built, while "fuori le mura" refers to the fact that the church is built outside the Aurelian Walls , and is used to differentiate the basilica from the church of San Sebastiano al Palatino on the Palatine Hill. According to the founding tradition, [3] in , during the Valerian persecutions , the catacombs were temporarily used as place of sepulture of two other saints martyred in Rome, Peter and Paul , [4] whose remains were later transferred to the two basilicas carrying their names: whence the original dedication of the church, Basilica Apostolorum "Basilica of the Apostles". The dedication to Sebastian dates to the 9th century. Sebastian's remains were moved here around

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Festa di San Sebastiano





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